Welcome Girlfriends!
2015 marks a very exciting time for the Girlfriends ministry and Christians in general, all around the world. God has marked this year for triumph and victory as He pours out revelation, miracles, signs and wonders on and for His people. Likewise, there will be challenges as the enemy tries to beset God's people.  Because of this, Girlfriends has published its next volume in Spiritual Warfare called, A Call to Arms: The Awakening Church and the One World Order; ready just in time for the conferenceIn addition to this upcoming publication, the Girlfriends Ministry Team will be traveling to Iowa in March to host a Spiritual Warfare Conference - we hope to see you there. 

At the bottom of this page is more information on our upcoming conference. 

Many blessings,
Juanda Smith-Hayes

On our storefront you will find various training programs and devotional materials for large or small groups, as well as individualized personal study materials.
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MARCH 2015
Spiritual Warfare Conference

"Spiritual Warfare, the End-times and the Emerging Anti-Christ"

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
March 27th and 28th, 2015

FRIDAY March 27th:
Oakhill Jackson
Community Church

SATURDAY March 28th:
Cedar Rapids Public Library
Whipple Auditorium

Girlfriends has just published two new books to add to our list of great materials.
We now have
a Men's Bible Study series called
True Armor:
"Strength, Power and Muscle"
Please visit: TrueArmor.org for more information

and our
new material for teenage Girls - a Devotional Challenge Program called
Orchids and Lilies:
"I'm Destined to Thrive"

These books are available right now and ready for your review!